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It’s time to quit thinking that the USA is the only place making good rap. To set the record straight, a ...
September 19 2017 10 Shares
A Barcelonian’s favorite question: how do you live with people you can’t stand?
November 18 2017 10 Shares
During the day, The Docks is home to the French Fashion Institute and a host to diverse cultural events. At ...
July 17 2017 16 Shares
You no longer need to go to NYC to give your feet some love. Paris now boasts a sneaker selection as nuanced as New York’s, and an equally established ...
April 12 2017 0 Comment
The Parisian bike culture is emerging from the shadows and finally demanding a fair share of space on the road. Chistole!
May 26 2017 0 Comment

Paris: Out with the Old, In with the New

In Paris, two worlds collide: one, an aging and conservative population, the other, a raucous and creative generation. After the attacks of the last few years, the older generation has turned inward while the younger crowd has looked outward. They are exploring the world and bringing back the best it has to offer. Paris is not the open air museum it used to be. It is not the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. If you spend your time there, you’ll miss out on the real Paris. The Paris unfolding right now. The art exhibitions in the Marais. The clubs along the Austerlitz wharf. The new bar in the Faubourg Saint-Denis. The restaurant terrace in the Republique. Don’t just go to Paris, live Paris.