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Photographer Evan Tetreault shows off the misty Beachwood, Los Angeles in a series of soothing and entrancing ...
January 23 2018 11 Shares
Whether you swear by the East or the West Coast in the US doesn’t matter. One thing is sure: West Coast is the ...
December 12 2017 7 Shares
Will you be willing to cross the 405 for love?
October 29 2017 10 Shares
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The Dodgers almost made it! This year’s World Series, a once in a lifetime event, woke up the city. But it also said so much about the real L.A. ...
November 13 2017 0 Comment
From yoga instructor to Gwen Stefani’s nanny, most jobs in Los Angeles are already cool, but we found some that are so L.A., they probably have their ...
January 19 2018 0 Comment

L.A.: The City of Natural Light

Los Angeles is changing. Artists and progressives who have left New York, Chicago and San Francisco are no longer accepting the status quo. They want L.A. to be recognized for the unique city it is. Because L.A. is like no other city. Palm trees, beaches, and breathtaking natural light mingle with clubs, pubs and outdoor sporting stores. Yoga pants are omnipresent. Unlike NYC which seem to suffocate you. And also unlike other cities, the job market is not based on finances or technology. This means the opportunity for creatives is greater than anywhere else. If you want an urban setting that doesn’t sacrifice the natural element, then L.A. is your city.